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After making your purchase, download the PDF to complete and email it to, or mail to P.O. Box #93, Clinton, MS 39060.


Raise awareness, fund monarch conservation, & add beauty to your vehicle! The MS Department of Revenue fee for a specialty license plate is $33.00.  Each "Monarch Butterfly Conservation" tag ordered will provide $24.00 to Clinton Community Nature Center's efforts to increase propagation and dispersal of native species important to the life cycles of monarch butterflies, environmental education, and continued conservation efforts.


Checks should be made out to "Clinton Community Nature Center".  All payments will be cashed by CCNC and the funds reserved for Monarch Car Tags until the minimum required 300 plates are pre-sold. Then CCNC will submit all 300 applications with one lump payment, as required by the MS Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Services.  Once all is submitted, manufacturing the tags takes 6-8 weeks.  Applicants will be notified when their tags are ready for pick up at their county's tax collector's office.  A tag must be picked up within 60 days from when it is available, or it is subject to being re-charged the specialty plate fee.


If the minimum 300 plates is not reached by 03/31/25, applicants may choose whether their $33 specialty license plate fee is 1) donated to CCNC's conservation efforts, or 2) returned to the applicant by check.  (Applicants may state their preference on the application form.)

"Monarch Butterfly Conservation" Specialty License Place

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