Lightening Bug Walk

Come and experience synchronous fireflies with Paul and Libby Hartfield, Friday, May 20, 2022 at 8:30 pm at the Clinton Nature Center. You may bring a flashlight to illuminate the trail, but prepare to be amazed as we view this wondrous sight in total darkness.


As the temperatures get warmer and summer gets closer, we begin seeing more and more fireflies flashing their beautiful lights. 

Did you know Mississippi is home to a rare type of firefly found only a few places in the world? Photuris frontalis, commonly called Snappy Syncs, are unusual because they can synchronize, lighting all at once in a symphony of light.

Libby Hartfield, retired Director of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, and her husband Paul Hartfield, retired endangered species biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, have been studying Snappy Syncs in Mississippi since 2015 and found our population here at CCNC. Join them for a nighttime walk in the woods to see this amazing light display!

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